Sunday, January 08, 2006

More Problems with the "Public" Side of Libraries

AP Wire | 01/07/2006 | Library bars kids who show up without an adult: "WICKLIFFE, Ohio - Libraries have tried monitors, security guards and even Bach and Beethoven to control crowds of rowdy kids. Now one northeast Ohio library is insisting that children be accompanied by an adult during after-school hours."

Parents' reaction:
"I don't see how you can restrict a public library," said Kim Moulton, who has two young children. "It is our library, not theirs. We pay for it. I understand there is a limit, but I think they may have overreacted. Kids are kids. I grew up here and went to the library after school because it was a safe place."

Precisely. If you pay for it, how can you justify your children being restricted from it? If the library is owned by everyone, how can it operate without restricting the rights of some of the public?


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